Gogi Chagelishvili

Gogi Chagelishvili considers his creative life to be divided in two periods, before and after "perestroika". Before "perestroika" he was working in his native country Georgia in the former Soviet Union, where artists were allowed to work only in the style of "Socialist Realism" and where Gogi was representing a very few that refused to do so. He managed to create his abstractions even behind the "iron curtain" while never loosing the sense of reality. His after "perestroika" period starts in 1985 when Gogi took his first trip beyond the "iron curtain". Istanbul was the first free city he visited, and it became the love at first sight as well as "inexhaustible source" of his creative work.

Ghagelishvili’s paintings are impulsive and very expressive. His brush rhythm sometimes feels lazy as if he is making fun of the authors who are trying to show off their technique. On his canvas he often deliberately leaves the casual contours, marked with a pencil that you can see under the paint and transforms his picture into a figurative element.

Chagelishvili is an artist in search of the lost space in his landscapes, where nature is not an accessory, decoration or background, but rather a part of history, a grand melody with a "voice of silence." All of a sudden the landscape motive becomes an abstraction. His color gamut is very rich and diverse and one can’t help but being delighted with his paintings.

Gogi Chagelishvili was born in Georgia . He is a graduate of Tbilisi State Arts Academy . He currently lives with his wife and two sons in Tbilisi , Georgia . Gogi’s works are kept in the museums, such as Tretiakov Gallery and Oust Museum in Moscow ; Art Museum and National Picture Gallery in Tbilisi as well as in private collections in Barcelona , Moscow , Istanbul Ottawa, Montreal , Christchurch , and New York.

Selected Recent Solo and Group Exhibitions:
2006 "Gallery Chagela" Tbilisi , Georgia
2001 Gertsev Gallery, Atlanta , USA
2001 Georgian Week in UK , Edinburgh , Bristol , London , Scarborough
2001 UNESCF, Paris , France
2000 Istanbul , Turkey
1999 "Dobson Bashford" Gallery, Christchurch , New Zealand
1998 "Gallery Winkelmann", Düsseldorf , Germany
1998 "Gora" Gallery, Montreal , Canada
1998 International Festival "Messe Berlin ", Germany


Circus Clown"

" 48"x24" 1995 Oil on Canvas


48"x24" 1995 Oil on Canvas

"New York"

84"x152" 2007 Oil on Canvas

"Reclining Woman"

24"x48" 1995 Oil on Canvas

"Sea Shore I"

36"x46.5" 1995 Oil on Canvas


36"x47" 1985 Oil on Canvas

"Night Sea"

23.5"x29" 2007 Oil on Canvas

"The Evening"

23.5"x28.75" 1991 Oil on Canvas


28.75"x39.25" 1991 Oil on Canvas

"The Woman"

48"x23.75" 1995 Oil on Canvas

"The Shore"

23.75"x30" 1995 Oil on Canvas

"Sea Shore II"

23.75"x30" 1995 Oil on Canvas

"Times Square"

38"x50" 2007 Oil on Canvas

"Gold Fish

" 38"x50" 2007 Oil on Canvas


28.75"x36.25" 1995 Oil on Canvas


30"x36" 2007 Oil on Canvas

"New York at Night"

32.5"x38.25" 2007 Oil on Canvas


24.25"x28" 1991 Oil on Canvas


30"x19.75" 1995 Oil on Canvas


28.75"x40" 1991 Oil on Canvas

"The Night Landscape"

28.25"x36.5" 1991 Oil on Canvas

"Georgian Village"

28.75"x36" 1991 Oil on Canvas

"Woman in the Mirror II"

36"x18" 1995 Oil on Canvas


36"x18" 1995 Oil on Canvas

"The Coast"

32"x38" 1991 Oil on Canvas

"Woman in the Mirror I"

40"x20" 1995 Oil on Canvas